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All books by Alcheringa Artist, in the Alcheringa Series, are in hardback, set in a landscape format, measuring 300mm wide and 220mm height. They are illustrated in French Pastels and Art Pen & digitally photographed by the National Gallery of Australia.

“Alcheringa Series”: The Series consists of four books each representing a season in the Snowy Mountains and the High Monaro, which is generally replicable elsewhere in Australia, with some special fauna exceptions. Together, they present all the major Australian fauna and constitute the broadest depiction of our fauna ever undertaken in children’s fiction. They are suitable for 6-10 years, but can be easily read aloud to younger children.  Although the stories are fictional, the fauna are correctly described and presented as in real life. Each of the books carry an important message for children and include many words in the National Literacy Curriculum. All books are signed and stamped by the author and come with a free bookmark.

“Alcheringa Snow” First Edition: Published by Little Steps Publishing: December 2017.

This is the winter book which introduces children to many of the indigenous and introduced species that live above the Australian snow line at more than 1300 metres. Their stories are related by the beautiful heroine of the Series, Francine, the kind and courageous Pyrenean Mountain Dog, who takes care of all at Alcheringa. Additionally, the story reminds children of the value of friendship, the importance of listening to each other, and getting along with each other. It also describes the value of attaining you own unique goals through practice & having a dream.

“Alcheringa Flowers” First Edition: Published by Little Steps Publishing: November 2018.

The second book featuring spring, again related by Francine, speaks to children of discovery as well as the magical regeneration of life and change. It also introduces additional members of the high country’s fauna. It’s a book filled with freshness and flowers, expectation, and smatterings of drama. Some of the Alcheringa friends start on the first of their marvellous journeys towards the north-east into the Snowy Valleys to see fauna and landscapes never seen before. The accent is on the importance of discovery and the cultivation of enthusiasm for learning something new.

“Alcheringa Sunshine” First Edition: Published by Little Steps Publishing: September 2019.

In the third book, featuring summertime, Francine and her friends embark on a further major journey to other fascinating faraway places such as Mount Kosciuszko. During the journey Banjo, the Green and Golden Bell Frog (who is hoping to be selected for the Amphibian Olympic Games), meets other important endangered species such as the tiny Corroboree Frog Kozzie, and Digby and Viv, the Mountain Pygmy Possums. Later on they will all endure a raging wildfire, help each other to escape the flames, and dream through some of the lazy hazy hot days of summer. Children will learn about the benefits of working together, valuing strong friendships and the cultivation of courage.

“Alcheringa Rain” First Edition: Completed and due to be published by Little Steps Publishing: February/March 2021

The final autumnal book in the Snowy Mountains and the Monaro features the arrival of the long awaited rains and the changing of the colours accompanied by cooling temperatures. Francine and a number of her friends cross the mighty Snowy River downstream and travel to Bombala, the home of Platypus Country. Their mission is indeed to see some newly born platypuses. They walk across the windy High Monaro, past the giant wind farm turbines, and descend to the quiet flowing Bombala River. They return to Alcheringa after an exciting and sometimes intimidating journey. And they are glad to be back in their safe, peaceful, sanctuary where Banjo awaits exciting news. Children will see too that resilience and determination in achieving an important goal is worth the effort invested.

“Alcheringa Study Guide” First Edition: Published as a PDF File by Alcheringa Artist; November 2018: Second Revised Edition due March 2021.

The Study Guide exists to assist those teachers and home-schooling parents who may wish to use the Alcheringa Series within the school curriculum. It provides the background to the books and supplements the stories of the fauna. Amongst other topics it includes the geography, the geology, the history of the area, both indigenous and European. It also provides a number of special projects applicable to the region eg; important literature and writers, the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the issues of climate change. It covers all the fauna and flora of the Series, with relevant field notes where applicable. Its prime aim is to provide, in one place, a source document that teachers and home-schooling parents can refer to and thus provide a contextual framework to the book as a means of learning.

“Alcheringa Natural History Guide” First Edition: Free bonus for all purchasers of the entire Alcheringa Series. To be published as a PDF File by Alcheringa Artist: due for Publication November 2020.

Fundamentally the Natural History Guide is a subset of the much larger Study Guide. It focuses on the fauna within the Series (with photographs) and also includes the aforementioned Alcheringa field notes drawn from first hand field observations since 2013.

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upcoming new books from alcheringa artist

September 2021: “Fantazma’s Dream” First Edition: to be published by Little Steps Publishing.
Mystery and fantasy in time and space; a story picture book for 6-12 year olds: 40 page hardback, in French pastels and art pen; rhyming prose text.

September 2022: Book 1 in the “Where’s Dorothy Oz” Series: entitled “A Timeless Place”; to be published by Little Steps Publishing.
An Australian sci-fi fantasy chapter book Series for young adults; approximately 120-150 pages; soft cover.

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