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Even as a child Toni Cary was always an artist and a dreamer…

Then, at age 15, she came second in New South Wales for her major work at High School. It was a large abstract painting executed with house paint and acrylics on masonite, surrounded by a home-made frame built of tomato stakes. The piece was called “Human Movement in Space”. With that achievement and on the strength of her full portfolio, she was accepted to the National Art School in Sydney (then known as East Sydney Tech.) the following year. She held a special interest and tal­ent for Life Drawing, painting and Sketching.

As an older teen, Toni took up the use of pastel, charcoal and pencil for quick sketching and illustrating family members as well as the local scenery around the Blue Mountains where she resided until the age of 20 after which she moved to Sydney…. Read more

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